Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Long ago, when I finished "The Fall", I wanted to be a film director. I wanted to do what Tarsem did. He was magical. Everything that he said, people did. They were like hypnotized. But they did it for the passion that they had. He inspired me a lot and I thank him a for this.

Even though I was so little, I still remember like it was than. And as I grow up, I realize more and more what it means. Filmmaking is giving life to your ideas and dreams.That's how 10 started four yers ago. 10 is a project for kids, so they could make their own movies. To find the best script for the project, we started a competition called One Day Movie. What you had to do was write a story of a perfect day. Just a story. No actors and no set design. A story about you and the perfect day.

The idea was to start a big competition where many kids and teens would work together to create the first collective movie of our generation.

Well, that's quite a big thing to do...:) But it's not impossible. We went through hard times, but had good times to. We spent a lot of time to make this happen, and we thought that this year is the best one to start our project. 10. 10. 2010. I know that filmmaking is hard, but what you get afterwords is incredible. So we keep trying and trying.....and that's where Life In A Day comes.

Andreea searched on the Internet and found out about a similar project with the One Day Movie, so she asked me if I wanted to film a day of my life. Initially, I didn't want to do it, because it was the day when my grandparents were going to get married religiously. Than, I realized that I could split may day in 2 parts. The first was to stay with my family and the second was to be a part of this huge film crew that filmed that day, maybe millions of people who gave life to their stories in that day.

I also realized that my grandparent's wedding would be something that remained in history. A grandparents wedding on the 24th of July.

You can imagine that I took this decision just a week before the magic day. I asked Andreea to help me with a camera, but she had a better idea. Andrei and his camera. He was great. He told me: " Catinca, I am here to help you! " He was full of great ideas an explained me lots of things about cameras, lights and shades. And the best part, he gave me his camera to film myself. It was fantastic !!!!

So I started to think about what should we film that day. Besides me , I wanted to present my friends, the places I love and everything that happened on the 24th of July. I started at 12 o'clock in the morning, and finished late at night. It was a fantastic day! I learned a lot about how I could make a little movie. The result wouldn't be so much , but for me it's great ! It was my start. Our start. Because if you want to make movies, you need a team. A team that loves what it does. A team that is ready to do anything you need. A team that will never give up their dreams.

Than, we had to watch everything we did that day, to see what we could put on YouTube. It was very hard for me to cut everything and again Andreea, this time with Andrei, came with Edward, the editor. He was great! He helped so much even though he had work to do and to go in vacation, set all those things for some other days . Also, his friend Dan helped me upload everything on YouTube. We weren't allowed to edit too much so we tried to do it very simple. It is just a day that I filmed with the help of a dream team. And this is just the beggining!

The first scene of the movie was something magical, but needed some music, even though we weren't allowed to use it. Andreea told me about Moby Gratis, a site where Moby, the well known musician shares for free some of his music for the independent filmmakers who don't have the necessary budget to buy songs for their soundtrack.

We listened to the music, we chose what we wanted and we requested Moby the permission to use it. What a nice surprise we had after 24 hrs when we received the approval to use the song in our Life in a day. I know that we weren't allowed to use music because of the copywrite. But when you have the permission of the composer, of the artist, you can't miss such a beauty, to mix sounds and images.

I am just 13 yers old, but the opportunity to be part of something like this, with great filmmakers and great artists, made me hope that one day, I will do my own movie. I will be The Tarsem 2. I will be the hypnotizer this time. I also know that there are many people who want to do the same thing, wich makes me think that they could be my future collegues. The future Tarsem 3 4 5 6 .... 1 million. And Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott 2 millions. So if you want to be part of these 2 millions of people who do something magical from movies, than go for it. You will FALL in love!


  1. Hey there,
    I've just found you here on blogspot!
    I admire you, dearest Catinca, from the bottom of the heart, and I wish all your dreams come true!
    I can't wait to see what you've created for life-in-a-day! ^^

    ps. Is that an Americana Exotica on the top of the page? ;)

    God bless you,


  2. Hey Raffaela,
    Thank you for all the beautifull words that you said to me. I wish that all your good dreams come true also ! I promise that I will show it to you!'

    God bless you to!
    PS: indeed, I was thinking of an americana exotica, so that it will bring me luck!

  3. Hi Catinca!
    I admire you for your positive and winning attitude; rarely I encountered younsters that have such determination and passion.
    I wish you all the best in everything you do and looking forward to be the recipient of your wonderful future works.

  4. Dear Catinca, "thank you, thank you, thank you very muuuuuch"! :D
    I loved you in The Fall!


  5. Hello from Chicago! I liked your footage for Life in a Day, especially your grandmother crying at her own wedding, little Sophie singing as she painted, and Aurora bicycling with her wide, white pant legs (how did the flowing material not get caught in her spokes?!). I hope Kevin Macdonald includes some of those bits in his final movie. Keep working toward your dream of being a director -- your contagious, abundant energy will carry you there if you persevere. Come to the U.S. for college!

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  7. Hi Catinca!

    You are such an inspiration. I'm a young filmmaker/film professor who's followed your career through Andreea's Facebook page the past 2 1/2 years, after being so genuinely moved by The Fall (through Tarsem's visuals and story, and your terrifically-moving acting).

    I've also always been such a devotee to Romanian culture, so it was a treat to know that both Andreea and you are from there. But now I see that you've had involvement with Scott's Life in a Day film, which I've followed with great interest since first hearing about it. What a wonderful tribute to your grandparents that you were able to include their wedding day as part of that!

    Thanks for starting this blog, and best of luck in your future endeavours! Wishing you continued success, and hopefully we'll work together someday.

    -Damon Blalack

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  10. Hi Catinca! I love your movie The Fall. And also loved your Life In A Day :) You're so great in acting, so natural, i love your smiles :) keep it up! And i believe you can achieve more. Are you still on this blogspot? Wishing you all the best Catinca! I will be your forever fan ♡♡♡

    God bless you more, more, and more! ^^,

    -Krista(Manila, Philippines)

  11. Hi Catinca! I love your movie The Fall. And also loved your Life In A Day :) You're so great in acting, so natural, i love your smiles :) keep it up! And i believe you can achieve more. Are you still on this blogspot? Wishing you all the best Catinca! I will be your forever fan ♡♡♡

    God bless you more, more, and more! ^^,

    -Krista(Manila, Philippines)

  12. Hi, Catinca! You haven't posted here in a few years but I hope you're still achieving your dreams. Your beautiful smile shines a light on the world.